Jason Nutt and Highway 70 is a Texas Country band based out of the Lubbock, TX area, formed in 2008

Their first album 'N. Clinton Ave.' was released in 2010 and Blame It On Me and Runnin' To You quickly captured peoples ears and became heavily played on Regional radio stations. In 2011 they quickly followed up with their second album 'All Kinds of Country EP'. What Happens Next, really pushed the band further in being known on the scene. It made it onto the Texas Radio Charts and performed well!

In 2012 they took a step back from touring for various reasons. But, Jason couldn't seem to keep himself off of the stage, playing acoustic and continuing to play on occasion and was blessed to open for many big acts across Texas.

A note from Jason:

     "A step back from music began to wear on me. Music has always been a huge part of my life and I missed it. I stepped away because I got married and wanted to start a family. I thought I needed to quit music if I couldn't give 100%. I haven't ever stopped playing or writing, but not performing began to creep up and start bothering me. I quickly realized I was fooling myself. I could continue my music career in a different way....

     So in 2018 we cranked it back up and we are back at it! We found a way to balance music, family and everything that is important to us! We are excited to share our new songs with the world. In the past couple years we have been blessed to share the stage with William Clark Green, Pat Green, Matt Martindale, Adam Hood, Randall King, Josh Grider, Cory Morrow, Casey Donahew, Kody West, Shooter Jennings, The Hogg Maulies and various other artist. Please keep an eye out for shows and for our up and coming album. Thanks!"

Band Members:

Jason Nutt - Lead Vocals and Guitars

Clint Chapman - Lead Guitar

Brady Rasco - Fiddle

Tyler Richardson - Drums

———- - Bass